Washington’s gavel and trowel also arrived to 107.3 FM “Laredos Classic Hits”

Today, Ruth and Noe Cuellar, along with Ruben Bazan III, and some other staff members, hosted at our radio station 107.3 FM, George Washington’s gavel and trowel.

This was a privilege and honor, since as Media from two countries, it represents a historic and unprecedented event in both Laredos.

These two instruments made use of by the first President during the laying of the cornerstone of the US Capitol in Washington DC in 1793.

Today, through an interesting interview conducted by  Ruben Bazan III, we were able to learn, along with the audience of 107.3 FM, history points that these artifacts bring immersed and that for the first time travel to Laredo Texas.

During the interview «On the Road», the custodians of the relics commented that

it was in September 18, 1793, when President George Washington used a gavel and trowel for the laying of the cornerstone of the US Capitol building in Washington, DC, and those tools are still in existence to this day, and it is precisely these that arrives Laredo for the first time.

The relics of President Washington were  are on display at Laredo Masonic Lodge 547.

On loan from Alexandria-Washington Lodge 22 and Potomac Lodge 5, those same artifacts used and held by our nation’s first President made a special trip to Laredo for the yearly Washington Birthday Celebration festivities.

Ruben Bazan III, the director and announcer of “On the Road” said that

so guarded by its custodians, the gavel travels in a case that is literally handcuffed to one of the guards in order to ensure maximum security.

Additionally, this is the first time in history that the trowel has ever traveled by plane, and Laredo is the farthest location it has traveled to.

Months-long, meticulous planning was necessary in order to bring these items from Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC, and we thank them for being part of the celebration.

107.3 FM are proud to have had them in our  radio studio !!

It has been a great honor for us, directors and staff to receive these artifacts of great historical value in United States.

We want to express our gratitude to Ruben Bazan III , who carried out the corresponding steps so that this could be achieved with such success.

Thanks to the Laredo Masonic Lodge, thank you to those who traveled from Washington D.C. and thank you all the people who was involved in this great historical event. 107.3 FM, Laredos Classic Hits, now we proudly have a Historical Mark!!



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